• Andrew Jackson Reid Log Cabin
  • 1890 Hogan-Harper Store
  • 1950 Glaze Saw Mill
  • 1840 Rees Cotton Gin
  • 1910 Groves May House
  • 1910 Doctor's Office
  • 1800 Hardy Corn Crib

Historic Buildings

Our historical park attempts to replicate one of the small communities in rural south Georgia.

The Lincoln County Historical Society is a non-profit association organized t perpetuate the history of the economic and cultural activities of the citizens of Lincoln County.  The park was created  over the last 30 years by the Historical Society from a bare tract of land, using lots of elbow grease and almost completely volunteer labor.  

Come and enjoy our display of our treasures for younger generations to help us keep history alive.  


About Lincoln County Historical Society

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The Andrew Jackson Reid Log Cabin was built around 1800. The 16'x22' structure boasts 2 porches, wooden-shutter windows, an open face fireplace, and a variety of period furnishings.  Records show it was once the home of Andrew Jackson Reid who fought for the South in the Civil War.


Lamar Wade, President

The Hogan Blacksmith Shop contains 2 forges, one run with bellows and the other with a hand-turned blower. It is a replica of the old blacksmith shop on the "Hollenshead Place" on the Augusta Highway.

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